Elliptical Machine


1 Month 


The best Foundation course is designed for those who want to see if this is the service for them. This will see you through the foundation phase which sets up your new habits and begins the fat loss journey.

During the Foundation, you will begin the structure of your bespoke  online nutrition and movement programs and learn the beginnings of your personal blueprint to fat loss success. 

This course however is not long enough to make life long changes but it can be added onto the Adjustment course to make amazing body composition  changes that will last for ever.

Core Exercise



3 Months


The most popular Clean Living program at an affordable price with a timeline that allows for amazing results. 

The Adjustment course starts with the Foundation and then rapidly moves clients into the most important and visually impressive stage - dramatic fat loss and toning.

We work on  increasing muscle and refining your nutrition to maximise the results during this phase. This is where BIG results happen.

0-4 weeks - You notice a great change in your body.

5-8 weeks - Your friends and family see amazing results

9-12 weeks - The world sees your new body!

Throughout this course Ben personally takes you through every step of the way to ensure each phase of the program is working for your goals. This is not a '1 program fits all' plan, this is extremely bespoke for you!



6 Months


The best value training package for those looking for life long results.

Includes the Foundation and the Adjustment phases along with the all-important maintenance phase to learn how this new body of yours can be kept life long without sacrificing your work, family and social life.

This is the complete package to unlock your bodies full potential and fulfil your dream goals through to the end.

This package is for those that are serious about making huge changes and are committed to themselves or want to learn how to be.

Ben offers a FREE video call before you buy this package so that you can discuss the  course and see that you are a good candidate for it.

Book your call in now to discuss your goals with Ben.