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Everything you need to remove the boredom from dieting.

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Trying to Lose Weight?
This is for you.

If you are trying to lose weight then you might be finding these things already....

Diet food is boring

Finding cooking inspiration is impossible

I definitely need to make better food choices

Yet we know that successful weight loss programs can only work with correct nutrition and lifestyle coaching/changes.

We also know that if we don't change what we eat then even the most intense exercise programs won't alter our body composition and increase our chances of failure once again.

So what if there was one simple coaching resource available that means you could do exactly this?

A resource that you could actually follow and look forward to receiving? A resource that enables you to help plan, shop and cook exactly the right things for your weight loss?

The truth is, there is one way to make this all happen:

Healthy Recipes! 🎉

Recipes are how you take ALL the confusion out of deciding what is good to eat for your weight loss goals or even answering the question......"what's for dinner tonight?"

Healthy weight loss recipes are the simplest yet most effective method of removing the hard work from dieting.

That's why I created this complete recipe pack for weight loss clients.


Professional - Done-For-You

Immunity Support Recipe Pack

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Here is what you can expect

Take the time and frustration out of losing weight and use my 'done for you' delicious recipes that you can just plug in to your busy day without confusion.


Unique Tracking Codes

Remove the guess work out of tracking your calories and macros with these unique barcodes that can be easily entered into your calorie counter in seconds.

Boost Adherence

Use these done-for-you recipes to deliver your weight loss in a clear & actionable way, so that you keep on track and motivated.


1000hr Head Start

 Getting your nutrition accurate for weight loss can be difficult and time consuming. These recipes will make it feel effortless as I have done all the creation for you.

Help Every Eating Type

Weight Loss? Muscle building?

No problem, all of my recipes are created with healthy single ingredient foods, and most are wheat-free, gluten-free & refined sugar free.

Grow Your Confidence

No more struggling how to streamline your nutrition for weight loss and no more worrying about if you're doing a good job or not. Follow the recipes and reap the rewards.


Boost Your Confidence, Save Time & Achieve Incredible Results.

No matter what your cooking experience, my recipe packs remove all the hassles of eating for weight loss, giving you confidence , and lets you get back to your busy lifestyle.


Choose It

Choose any Clean Living Weight Loss Recipe Pack. Can't decide? You can always come back and grab another.

Click to see inside


Download It

Download Immediately and have it on your PC, Tablet and Smartphone for easy use in the kitchen and supermarket.


Cook It

Start enjoying new and exciting recipes that you know are designed with weight loss in mind and remove the stress.

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What People Are Saying....


Get these Amazing Features!

Ensure That You Are Fully Prepared For Weight Loss.

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24 Professional High Quality Recipes

Includes Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners, Snacks and Smoothies.

Includes recipes for all eating types e.g. dairy free, gluten free and low carb.

Created Exclusively for Weight Loss and Muscle Gain Clients.


Easy To Use Barcodes

Huge Time Saving and Accurate Tracking.

Increasing Accuracy of Staying in Calorie Deficit which Guarantees Sustainable Weight Loss.

Lists all Macronutrients, Micronutrients, Vitamins and Minerals. 

Detailed Nutritional Information

Includes US and UK metric systems.

Provides detailed calorie & macronutrient profiles for every recipe (plus MyFitnessPal barcodes).

Includes ingredient lists and detailed step-by-step cooking instructions.

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Immunity Boosting Education

Learn The Exact Foods That Boost Immunity

Understand How A Strong Immune Systems Benefits You.

Learn How To Incorporate Immune Boosters To Your Daily Diet.


Take the Time and Frustration Out Of Weight Loss

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I'm on a mission to transform the lives of overweight and unhappy clients through healthy and sustainable lifestyle changes. 

Transform your dietary approach to weight loss using my done-for-you recipe packs - so that you can create a life-long transformation. These tried and tested tools break down healthy eating in practical, accessible ways to guarantee that you create incredible weight loss changes, that last forever.

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