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Obtain Unbelievable Weight Loss Results Without Giving Away Your Social life

Boost Confidence, Remove Confusion and Learn Exactly How To Implement Weight Loss Strategies Into Your Busy Lifestyle.

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Most people join a gym to lose weight – but those who succeed are doing something a little different…

If you’re like most people that are unhappy with their current weight, then you’re probably trying to lose weight a few times a year by joining a gym and doing restriction dieting.


That’s definitely a decent solution. It will help you burn more calories than you consume.


But there’s one huge, looming problem…


As you have already no doubt experienced...restriction diets are not sustainable for long enough to lose any considerable weight and the confusion of what you should be doing in the gym seems too much! Not to mention how time-consuming it all is, especially when results are slow and painful.


You know what I’m talking, about right? 

This method is incredibly frustrating and deflates your confidence... and you want to know a secret...It almost NEVER works! On average, people attempt this method 3 times per year and are HEAVIER each time they fail!

Leaving you feeling:

  • Frustrated

  • Low on Confidence

  • A failure

  • "Maybe I am supposed to be overweight"


It’s enough to make you want to give up and be fearful of attempting anything again.


But hold up – it doesn’t have to be that way…


Instead of doing the common method, imagine if you were able to do it faster, Easier and be able to understand every step of what you need to do! 


Would that interest you?


The Clean Living Weight Loss Mentorship

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Here is your answer: The Clean Living Online Weight Loss Mentorship - The easiest step by step transformation program that guarantees dramatic weight loss and teaches you exactly how to effortlessly keep it off for life. 

Here are 5 good reasons why the Clean Living Online Weight Loss Mentorship is the best way to lose weight forever.

Reason #1 - I cut out all of the nonsense from losing weight and focus in on all of the 'Biggest Bang for your Buck' strategies that get you losing weight from your first day of joining the program. Instant wins!

You can start reaping the rewards of weight loss tomorrow.

Reason #2 - I teach you how to make the foods that you LOVE TO EAT already, work for you with incredible weight loss results. 

This is where the magic happens, as it allows you to enjoy your food and enables you to easily stay on plan whilst seeing weight loss results day by day. (No more awful diet food!)

Reason #3 - You download my own personal app which overlooks all of your food intake, energy expenditure, habits, exercise and keeps you 100% accountable to your plan.

Accountability is where most people fail with weight loss...but not with the Clean Living Online Weight Loss Mentorship - Together we build strong, life-long habits that transform your body.

Reason #4 - No Need Join the Gym - This Mentorship teaches you how to integrate weight loss into your current daily schedules. If you hate the gym and want to avoid them...Great, you will learn other easier and more enjoyable ways to move your body to lose weight. If you do currently use the gym and intend to continue to, then I will look after all of your programming too.

Reason #5 - Don't Halt Your Social Life! - I will teach you how to integrate socially and still maximise your weight loss. Avoiding social situations whilst on a diet can be DISASTROUS for your long term weight loss because as soon as you start your social life again, you are guaranteed to put the weight back on (plus more). Learn to use your social life to your weight loss advantage.

Here is what you can expect

I've spent over ten years developing, testing and optimising the most complete, proven and easy-to-use program for achieving incredible weight loss results through effective nutrition coaching strategies.


Unbelievable Weight Loss Results

The Transformations during the mentorship are Amazing. The weight loss you will go through will not only impress your friends and family but will change your life.


Your own Personal App

Your own app will be personal to you and your unique strategies. I will be adding your plan to your app as we go and guiding you every step of the way.


Massive Time Saving

Streamlined strategies that remove any unnecessary time spent. 100% online so that you can be in contact with me any time on Zoom, text or through the app.

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Work With Me Directly

The mentorship is NOT a set program. Every client is different. I will work with you personally through your own lifestyle cases and overcome each of your roadblocks to weight loss freedom.


Grow Your Confidence

 Getting your nutrition accurate for weight loss can be difficult and time consuming. This mentorship will make it feel effortless as I will coach you step by step.


A Lifetime Strategy

Short term weight loss plans don't work. This mentorship teaches you weight loss plans to set you up for the rest of your life.

Check out Noelene's story: 

"I Never Thought I Could Ever Do It. I Couldn't Feel Any Better. You Have To Do It!"

"I don't particularly enjoy exercise but that didn't matter. Ben has taught me a life changing strategy that is not a quick fix plan, it works forever."

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Click to see Testimonial video

Noelene never found weight loss easy over the past 20 years, especially as she is non diabetic hypoglycaemic. 
Doctors had told her that weight loss would always be a challenge and exercise is not advisable due to her condition making her constantly hungry. 
Noelene had been interacting with my posts for quite some time and had wanted to join the program but held off from asking me due to being not sure if it would benefit her (and being a little worried about asking for help). 

In Noelene's words "I can't believe I didn't do this years ago, I should have taken the easy step to contact you and I would have saved myself a lot of unhappiness."

It’s fair to say that she benefited greatly!!! 
On the mentorship we started with nutrition education so that she could understand weight loss for her body type and then implemented  mindset and habit changes to ensure she was able to stick to the original basic plan. Weight dropped off right from the first week. 

Together we worked through the roadblocks that had always stopped her from losing weight before ( Social engagements, family cooking, drinking alcohol at the right times, self sabotage) and there was no stopping her from then on! 
17.5kg of weight loss later and Noelene had hit her goal and looks amazing!!

More than just that……her relationships have improved, her health has gone through the roof, her energy levels are sky high and her smile has not stopped (even if the pic doesn’t show it 🤣🤣🤣).

Great work Noelene!!

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What Other People Are Saying...

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Anna Golby

City Executive

When I started with Ben I had already tried diet books, gym classes and even personal training, but his program showed me much easier ways that I understood clearly and I could put them to work straight away. I lost 12kg whilst working full time and being a mum in only 14 weeks. I highly recommend the mentorship.

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Joanna Constantinou

Long Haul Flight Attendant

With my job I found weight loss very difficult. I am living in hotels and meal choices along with sleep patterns are difficult.

I contacted Ben through Instagram and had a chat on zoom about my difficulties. I wasn't very hopeful, however 12 week later I lost an astonishing 9kg. I am the lightest I have been in 15 years. He opened my mind about how to go about weight loss. Mind blown!

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Simon Milman

Office Administration

I have played squash for most of my life and when I started working full time at a desk, the squash was not enough to keep my weight off. I knew Ben through Squash and after years of thinking about it, I finally asked for help.

Ben showed me simple ways of making sure I was on track every day and to be honest...It was easy to do. I lost 16kg in 12 weeks and have kept it all off. The moral of the story...I should have asked for help straight away.


Sally Martin

Full Time Mum

Before contacting Ben I was quite confused about what I should be doing with my weight loss. It seemed each week I would see something new on social media that told me to do something else. A friend of mine had recommended Clean Living and it went from there.

Ben had me focussed on the important things that I could fit into my lifestyle and I started losing weight in the first week. In total I lost 11kg and couldn't be happier.

Get these Epic Bonus Features!

Bonus Features to ensure Life-Changing Outcomes

Every program is not only unique, but has been designed from the ground-up, based on the the latest scientific information and feedback from thousands of clients.

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FREE Clean Living Membership

Includes 1x Recipe Pack Per Month -Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners, Snacks and Smoothies.

1 x Digital Info Pack for Maximising Health, Nutrition and Weight Loss, Every Month.

Created Exclusively for Weight Loss and Muscle Gain Education.

Value $720


Macro, Alcohol and Takeaway Cheat Sheets

Huge Time Savings for Quick Check Ups on popular Takeaway Food and Drinks to Keep you on Track.

Education Reference sheets for those Important Macros so that you Broaden Your Own Personal Weight Loss Knowledge.

Never Feel Lost with Alcohol and What You Should Be Drinking during Your Weight Loss Plan.

Value $330

Metabolic reboot.png

Metabolic Reboot Program

8 Week Reboot Training Program

Includes Meal Planners, Supplement Guides and Metabolic Repair Programs.

Designed for Increasing Health and Fitness and Boosting Metabolic Processes after Clients have Mastered the Weight Loss Phases of Mentorship.

Value $280

Meal Planner.png

Nutrition and Training Planners

Lets you Plan and Change Your Own Nutrition and Training to Suit Your Schedule.

Tried and Tested Templates That Remove All of Your Guesswork. 

Provides Invaluable Guidance so that you can be Confident you are on the Right Track to Success.

Value $88



This chat is the ultimate way for you to find out EVERYTHING you need to know about the mentorship and ensures that you are a good fit for the program. - Take Action Today - Find a suitable time below and enter your details.

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I'm on a mission to transform the lives of overweight and unhappy clients through healthy and sustainable lifestyle changes. 

Transform your dietary approach to weight loss using my done-for-you recipe packs - so that you can create a life-long transformation. These tried and tested tools break down healthy eating in practical, accessible ways to guarantee that you create incredible weight loss changes, that last forever.

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