A Mindset for Change is more than half the battle!

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

We have all been in the place where we want to change our body shape but if we are honest with ourselves, often we are not really ready to make the commitment to dramatically change our food choices and lifestyle.

Having the right mindset for change is your key to success and this will need to start well before you make the effort to begin your new diet and training programs.

Mindset: A persons way of thinking and their opinions.

When most are thinking about their mindset, they are are thinking about focus, strategies or even determination, however the critical thing to be thinking about when changing mindset is the willingness to change your opinions and way of thinking about a certain topic.

The largest battle an online coach has in the initial stages of a transformation is for clients to forget about the old information they 'know to work' for fat loss and to try new things that they think is counter intuitive.

This theory is explained well in Robin Sharma's book 'The Monk who sold his Fararri' where he uses a tea cup analogy for his example. He relates a full tea cup to a clients brain that is filled with ideas. He pours more tea into his already full cup and it simply spills over the edge and is wasted and not retained in the cup.

You see, a client without an open mindset for change, is a client with a brain full of pre conceived ideas on what works for fat loss and any new ideas simply overflow and are not retained.

We all find it hard to 'let go' of our previous ideas of what we thought was correct and to give our full trust in someone else, however.....Here are 3 great ways to help you prepare yourself for you new mindset and get yourself ready for your new fat loss journey.


The weight you have gained didn't come in 3 days of bad eating so of course it won't come off in 3 days either. The best mindset for fat loss is Patience! You will be pleasantly surprised how quickly you make changes when you have the correct nutrition and lifestyle protocols in place but its not an over night process.

Focus the 24 hours ahead of you and nothing more, or even just the meal in front of you. We all know how quickly time passes so just put your head down, be patient and keep putting one foot in front of the other. Trust me, before you know it a few months will go by and you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish if you stay focused on the process.


Many people tell themselves that they can eat what they want as long as they do some cardio in the afternoon.

In reality most people know that you cannot out train a bad diet and that the calories in food are far greater than those you are able to expend during exercise. In fact to put it in reality for you....You can run a marathon (42km) in the morning and you still won't burn the calories from the Dominos deep pan pizza that you ate last night!!

So, really thinking about your own beliefs is a great place to start to ensure a solid base to work from and then you will want to reflect on these ideas with a professional fat loss coach to see if you are on the right track.

Not being honest with yourself starts you on a slippery slope of allowing yourself small cheats that you are not accountable for and end with catastrophic results in a fat loss program.


A Nutritionist worth their pennies will always set up your program for fat loss to last the amount of time to hit your weight goals and then set a new program to maintain your amazing new results, however this does not mean that once you have hit your goals, you can go back to eating what you were when you were 30lbs heavier (There is a reason why you were that heavy!)

Your mindset preparation needs to allow a permanent change for nutrition and lifestyle. This doesn't mean that your new food will be boring at all, but the knowledge of how to implement it into a lifestyle that you wish is key.

Short term diets are often the cause of regain of weight after massively restricting calories and makes it almost impossible to keep the weight off.

The best results ALWAYS come from the most coachable clients that have the mindset for change - A change of habits, a change of lifestyle, a change of thinking and of course comes a change of body shape.

Check out the Adjustment and Fulfilment courses for a full in-depth mentorship where I will take you through massive mindset changes and implement the perfect nutrition plans and lifestyle adjustments for live long fat loss results.

Ben Claypole

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