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Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Time wasters are in every gym in every part of the world. Just take a look around when you are having your next work out (and maybe you are one of them. The fact is that most people don’t have a clue about what they should be doing to get the results they want. And that’s understandable, it’s a confusing topic!

What you’ll find is that the people in the best shape are those who are highly efficient with their training. They hit the gym with focus and drive and don’t mess around with socializing, phone apps or excessive water stops at the fountain.

Here are some of the biggest time wasters you should avoid so you can get the most out of your efforts.

#1: Long rest periods.

Unless you’re training for maximal strength, your workouts should be fast paced because this elevates heart rate and increases the release of fat burning hormones.

It also allows for quick workouts so that you finish with the same intensity as when you started. Plus, when people get casual with their rest periods, they get careless with loading, sets, and reps, and things get left out.

Solution: Give your rest periods the same attention you do sets and reps and exercise technique. Plan them and TIME THEM WITH A STOPWATCH.. For fat loss and muscle building, use rest periods of 60 seconds or less.

#2: Letting the weights fall every rep.

Novices often “throw” the weights around when lifting, using momentum to lift and to lower. This is a big mistake because during the down or “eccentric” motion of the lift is what triggers muscle growth the most (Its also your strongest phase of movement). Tempo is key!

Solution:  You should always lower the weight in a controlled fashion and follow a prescribed tempo. Tempo is the specific number of seconds used for the up and down motion of the exercise so that you get the desired results. 4-second eccentric movements are good for Fat Loss goals.

#3: TVs, iPads, phones, etc.

Everyone knows screens are the biggest time waster on the planet, but that doesn’t seem to make much difference in gym goers. Fat Loss workouts require a level of focus that is lost when you are distracted.

Solution: Leave your phone at the office or at home. Seriously!

If you need it for your program, then put the phone on ‘airplane mode’. No more distractions…way more results!!

#4: Doing bizarre spot training exercises for variety

For most Fat loss goals, compound exercises maximise calorie burn or total body metabolic stress. Sure, biceps curls and calf raises can build up those muscles, but they won’t lead you to lose the fat that is covering up the muscles.

Variations of these lifts (like…walking on the treadmill backwards and  shoulder pressing whilst riding a bike – plus many more weird ones we all see) will not only have everyone looking at your weirdly in the gym but will not help you in any way towards your fat loss goals.

You won’t increase the size or “definition” of the glutes or hamstrings doing these bizarre movements (no matter how many times you have seen it in your favourite fitness magazine). You also won’t lose any fat, but you may stress your joints and waste valuable training time.

Solution: Use multi-joint exercises (Compound movements) to lose fat and improve lean muscle for a better body composition. These exercises allow you to use heavier weights to apply more stimulus to different parts of the body. Squats, deadlifts, presses, and so on all use a lot of muscle at once and create metabolic stress, which is a great combination for fat loss.

To build up the glutes and hamstrings, focus on squats, lunges, deadlifts, back extensions and step-ups.

#5: Some Training Partners

There are many benefits of workout partners. A great partner will push you to work harder and challenge self-imposed boundaries. Partners can also offer technique tips, make the time pass more quickly, and boost morale on the hard days.

But a bad partner will do you no good: They waste time socializing, hold you up messing around with their phone, complain about the workout, or just be a real distraction from YOUR goals.

Solution: You have to choose wisely in picking a training partner. It needs to be someone with similar goals who you trust to approach training with the same focus.

Ideally, find someone slightly more advanced than you because studies show that this will increase pain threshold so that you push yourself harder.

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Ben Claypole

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