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Updated: Dec 15, 2020

When it comes to weight loss, we see an enormous amount of conflicting and confusing information in the media and especially social media. Weight loss is sometimes a difficult process but you can simplify it with a few easy focal points to keep you moving in the right direction.

How often have you started a diet or gym program but to only find yourself wanting to stop or give up only days after beginning a 'fail-proof' plan?

Or, have you found yourself stick to a diet for a little while and start to see some results, but then find the when you stop, you become heavier than you were when you started?

These things should never happen whilst on a correctly designed fat loss program and can be fixed with some small changes.

Here are a few of the most common mistake areas and the tips to improve them to ensure that fat loss is made a little easier than it has been in previous attempts.

Tip #1 - Adherence

Nearly all diets that you have seen online and in books actually do work!! Some are unhealthy, some are impractical and some are down right outrageous. But the 1 thing they usually ALL have in common is that they are nearly impossible to stick to for the period of time that it actually takes to make a dramatic change.

Adherence is all about understanding how to fit a diet into your lifestyle and still have those foods that you love but also combining them with healthy choices that can keep your calorie intake to a deficit.

This allows you to enjoy your food and will help you to continue your calorie deficit for a long enough period of time to hit your weight goals.

Food should be enjoyable and varied! If you are only eating boiled fish and broccoli then you have no chance of adhering to a diet for long enough to get the desired results!!

Strict diets with huge restriction DO NOT WORK, because no one can stick to them!!

Find your own calorie balance and then drop your calories by 10 - 25% below maintenance. (10% for those that find it hard to stay on diets and 25% if you are super pumped to make quick results). This sized deficit is manageable and will drop your body weight by approx 1-2.5lbs per week. Sound like a small amount? in merely 3 months you will have lost up to 30lbs of fat. Imagine!!!

Tip #2 - Education

Most diet failures come from people simply following a diet that someone else has done or even a personal trainer has written for you. However as we discovered in tip #1, if we don't like the food that we are eating the chances of success is almost zero!

So if you educate yourself on some basics of nutrition like #Calories, Non Exercise Thermogenisis, BMR and eating in a calorie deficit you will stand a good chance of understanding how weight loss works properly and will allow you to make more educated food choices.

A good Weight loss coach can do this for you but I still like my clients to understand why and how we make these changes so they can maintain and continue their weight management for the rest of their lives without me.

Tip #3 - Eat more Protein

I say 'more' protein as most people don't eat enough, but the fact is, you need to eat the required amount 'more often'.

A good quality protein source in each of your meals is a sure fire way to keep that fat loss furnace in your body burning (Your #metabolism).

Protein will help you maintain the muscle you have in your body whilst you are in a calorie deficit and this is super important because your muscle will naturally burn a huge amount of your daily calories just by existing.

Those that don't eat enough #protein will always be fighting a losing battle for fat Loss, due to your metabolism continually burning energy and if you don't feed your body with enough protein, your body will still get its required amount of amino acids (protein) but breaking down your own muscle to get what it requires. Therefore the weight that you lost will not be known to you if it was in fact fat that you lost, or muscle!?

Aim for between 2.3-3.2 grams of protein per kg of lean body mass. Give the low amount a go and you will get a good idea if you have been under-eating your daily protein.

Do the above eating and training problems areas sound familiar to you?

If so, drop me an email or a DM on social media and I will organise a call to chat through your personal situation and how I can help.

Let's make 2021 a year of prioritising yourself and getting in great shape.

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Ben Claypole

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