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Simon Lost 16kg

Simon plays squash at a high level and always thought that would be enough to keep his weight stable. However, as he got older he realised that he was putting weight on every year.

His answer was to play more or to do more cardio with no success.


He reached out to me and was curious how Clean Living Online worked. We jumped on a Discovery Call and it was a great fit for him so we started the following week together.

I started by directing all of his attention to the foods he was eating and and made some small changes to lifestyle habits. 

He didn't do any gym training or even any home workouts. Making high impact changes with food made all the difference.

Simon looks amazing and he has never looked back. He has been finished with Clean Living Online for quite some time now and maintains his weight at 2kg lower than where we finished. Life long changes in weight loss.

Well done mate!!

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