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Tim Lost 16.5kg

Tim Lost 16.5kg.png

Tim had always been a fit guy as a kid and played a pretty good standard of rugby as a junior and a young adult, but like a lot of my clients Tim went to university and got himself a fantastic job which changed his life.

For the better in some respects but gave him a LOT less time to look after himself, In fact….No time!

Long office hours, commute home and poor food choices. Then he had a child and had even LESS time to do anything for himself.

Enough was enough for Tim and he finally reached out for some help (after thinking about it for quite some time) to get his weight back down to a level that energised him and made him feel happy and confident about taking his shirt off.


So we first looked at his diary and moved things around and ‘stacked’ tasks and found time for him to complete small habits.


Then stripped his diet back to scratch and give him some structure and re- built it.


Increased his movement and found time to fit in short and sharpe training programs in which Tim responded well with. Tim still didn’t have time to use a gym, but did home workouts.

NOW…….Tim finds it hard to keep his shirt ON!! lol. 

He is loving his big flex in this pic which give a great indication of the confidence that he picked up and he looks great. 

He now maintains this weight and still works hard at the office but has more energy than ever. AND... Lost a fantastic 16.5KG along the way!!


Great stuff Tim!

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